Mr. Yasin Tahir
Former Director General IPO-Pakistan


Pakistan has faced unprecedented challenges to its economic, political and strategic system in last few years because of obvious reasons. In this scenario where good news are so scarce, it is the Management of "Brands Foundation" which is still striving with a long term vision to accomplish something exceptional for this country. This search for excellence has been a great spur and Brands Foundation" from Pakistan for its exceptional performance has been granted with the great respected global recognition of "Accredited Permanent Observer status" in the category of national NGO's at World Intellectual Property Organization an specialized agency of United Nations.

It is a real great happening because WIPO is the ultimate global forum of member states on the subject of intellectual Property and till to date has accepted as "Permanent Observer" only 62 national non-governmental organizations from around the world in its long history of 45 years. While from Pakistan Brands Foundation is the first national NGO qualified for the Permanent Observer Status and from the Asian continent Pakistan is seventh nation after China, India, Iran, Korea, Japan and Syria wherefrom a national NGO has been admitted for the most coveted status of Permanent Observer.

It is a matter of great delight for all of us that Brands Foundation has succeeded in receiving the best honor in a very short period of time. Bestowed with the true excellence in the area of intellectual property, Brands Foundation is the only organization which is striving to develop new generation brand managers who are skilled, creative and most vital building block for the sustainable progress of their organizations. Therefore, by continuously reminding for the branding efforts through various means, the management of the "Brands Foundation" is making us prepared for the future opportunities.

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations for the management of "Brands Foundation" of Pakistan on receiving this global honor and adding the name of Pakistan in the list of those countries whose NGO's are present in the specialized agency of United Nations, WIPO and re-iterate my commitment and support for all the future endeavors of this visionary organization.