Cabinet Division
Intellectual Property Organisation
of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan)

Director General
IPO -Pakistan

We are delighted with the great news that "Brands Foundation" has been granted with the great respected global recognition of "Accredited Permanent Observer status" in 2012 in the category of national NGO's at WIPO-a specialized agency of United Nations and has also been credited with the membership of EFQM The European Foundation for Quality Management - Brussels in 2013. These are indeed exceptional privileges even been earned by any Pakistani organization to be included in the group of few most coveted national NGO's selected by WIPO for the "Accredited Permanent Observer status" in its long 45 years of history and recognized by EFQM through its membership by virtue of its professional contributions.

IPO Pakistan has been in strategic alliance and has established the best public private partnership record with Brands Foundation and its gigantic activity of Brands of the Year Award since its inception, and we strongly appreciates the potential of this prolific organization which has attained two most coveted global recognitions in a period of less than two years after receiving the public company status in November 2010. IPO Pakistan recognize further that every passing day Brands Foundation is increasing its professional capacities and competencies, therefore, it is being acknowledged internationally and professional institutions are preferring Brands Foundation for their representation in Pakistan. It would not have been possible without the visionary leadership of Brands Foundation which was able to carve the future path with such great precision that it has proved to be the ultimate asset in qualifying for such great global honors.

Brands Foundation is also working in strategic collaboration with FPCCI (the apex trade body of Pakistan) and it is developing IP Resource center in collaboration with IPO Pakistan at FPCCI Head Office, Karachi and this facility would be extended sooner to other major business cities. Brands Foundation is also undertaking some major futuristic projects like National IP survey, Brands Security Services and Brands Index. "Brands Foundation" is an exceptional entity working on futuristic and practical approaches to develop the most rewarding process of branding transformation and excellence. As Winston Churchill said, "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

I can foresee that sooner Brands Foundation will go international and will outshine the name of Pakistan globally and undertake to patronize its future events and projects.

Last but not the least my heartfelt congratulations for Brands Foundation on the launch of 6th edition of "Brands of the Year Award 2013" and the maiden activity of first IP Excellence Award. Great honors for Brands Foundation and great honors for IPO Pakistan to work with this wonderful institution all these years! Ours is a great public private partnership. We believe in the power of togetherness: together, we shall achieve more. Togetherness is divine---it has the power to bring progress and success to our existence and endeavors.

I on behalf of IPO Pakistan extend my full support & patronage and wish the management of Brands Foundation every success in its all future endeavors and look forward to establish integrated working in all future assignments nationally and globally.