Speech of Syed Khalid Mehmood Bukhari
on the occasion of Award Distribution
Ceremony of "Brands of the Year Award"
2009 held on 7th May, 2010 at
Governor's House Karachi

Former Director General

Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Respected Members of the Business Community, Representatives of Media and Press, Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Assalam-o-Alaikum

I Syed Khalid Mehmood Bukhari Directory General IPO Pakistan on behalf of the organizers, supporters and the management of Brands Award Council of Pakistan have the privilege to deliver the keynote address and welcome you here to witness the galaxy of 3rd consecutive edition of Brands of the Year Award 2009 at Governor House, Karachi. Brand Award Council is celebrating another aspiring year for successful organization of the 3rd gigantic activity of Brands of the Year Award. At the outset, I on behalf of Brands Award Council extend my heartfelt congratulations for achieving a new landmark of excellence this year. It is indeed a matter of pride and great satisfaction for IPO Pakistan that we are amongst the one from public sector who have not only played a pivotal role in constituting this gigantic initiative along with The Exhibitor Group in Pakistan but have also been co-driver from the day of its inception.

We are living in a brand and quality conscious society. In today's global economic warfare business entrepreneurs belonging to SME's to large enterprises need to work more passionately for building their distinctive brand identity and to stand out to get their right market share. Whether you are a tea maker, textile manufacturer or multinational telecom operator you need to understand the significance and importance of brand empowerment because the survival of any business now very much dependent upon its brand. It is now universal accepted phenomena that branding is the only way which leads to global leadership, through the activity like Brands of the Year Award the management of Brands Award Council has created not only the biggest national stage that exhibits the most acclaimed national and multinational brands of Pakistan every year but also is a place where the most trusted and preferred brands are evaluated to determine their current market standing and consumer preference. This healthy competition ensures to identify the strongest brand in each category in today's competitive market through the attribute based brand research and survey followed by quantitative and qualitative analysis. In the current global trade scenario the competitive market conditions strongly demands that entrepreneurs must have distinctive and attractive brand perceptions in order to be placed at the top of consumer's mind in this context this platform helps the most trusted brands in their respective category to stand out as the champion. In the year 2006 when this activity was initiated, it was really an uphill task to make the business community of Pakistan understand and realize the significance of brand empowerment. But here I would like to acknowledge the tireless efforts of Team Exhibitor and especially the captain of the ship Mr. Shaikh Rashid Alam; not only for dreaming this unique idea but for successfully converting it into a ground reality as well. Initially the business community considered this idea as a routine award distribution program in which there is no procedure and criteria for selection and any individual person or organization can become a winner if he is a favorite or blue eyed of the organizers. But Brands of the Year as we all know is not merely an award distribution ceremony but it's a comprehensive activity that has emerged with distinctive vision and has a mission, a goal and a destination.

Its vision is to identify and promote brand excellence in Pakistan. Its mission is to make aware and understand the business and capitalist community of Pakistan the significance of brand empowerment in this era of business. Its goal is to provide a better and secure lifestyle to the countrymen by promoting brand culture in Pakistan. And its destination is to make possible to locally manufactured brands with a proud label of 'Made in Pakistan' which becomes the integral part of fortune 500 brands of the world. These are the basic reasons which converted this drive by calling the "Journey of Nation Branding". And we are very much confident that this activity will go on and on in its full pace and Insha'ALLAH soon will bear its fruits for the consistent growth and economic stability of country. It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction to announce that Brands of the Year Award is the first competition based corporate awards in the history of Pakistan which has an authentic and complete selection procedure and criteria which exactly followed according to international standards. Every year in each category, the most trusted and popular brand of its category is honored with the title of Brands of the Year. That's why the slogan of this activity is: It's all about champions".

Significance and acceptance of Brands of the Year Award can easily be assessed with the fact that its beneficiaries are seen every corner of the country these days. Whether you are travelling in the outskirts of the countryside or you are on the roads of the country's business capital Karachi; it's simply impossible today not to witness the gigantic hoardings of national and multinational brands containing the logo of Brands of the Year Award. Another salient feature of this activity is its post event research publication titled 'The Most Acclaimed Brands of Pakistan' which published every year after the awards distribution ceremony. This comprehensive research publication contains the research and survey insights of all winning brands by highlighting their brand characteristics, brand demographics, brand strengths, brand equity, brand architecture and brand values. The management of Brands Award Council of Pakistan widely distributes this book to important corporate institutions, Chambers of Commerce and international market as well.