Former Prime Minister
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

His Excellency
Prime Minister

I am pleased to learn that Brands Foundation has been granted the "Permanent Observer Status" at World Intellectual Property Organization of United Nations. I would like to congratulate all those associated with the Foundation in any manner who have been instrumental in achieving this honor not only for the organization and the country.

I understand that Pakistan's Brands Foundation is the first national NGO, which has qualified for the Permanent Observer Status. Pakistan is the seventh country from Asian Continent to join the organization after China, India, Iran, Korea, Japan and Syria. This recognition will serve to add weight to the name of Brands Foundation as it starts communicating with the global community from the WIPO platform.

The democratic government is nurturing an environment in which innovative ideas are encouraged. Ideas require great entrepreneur and creative leader to materialize. Being creative and innovative in the world of modern technology gives a person an edge. It is the creative thinkers, the norm breakers who are driving the world's most successful companies and powerful economies.

I am confident that the Brand Foundation will not rest on its laurels and continue to strive for excellence.