Speech of Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh on the occasion of Award
Distribution Ceremony of "Brands of the Year Award" 2011-12 held on 28th January, 2013
at Hotel Marriott, Karachi.


At the very outset, I am grateful to Brands Foundation for organizing such a splendid ceremony and honored the deserving brands with "Brands of the Year Award". It is a great honor for me that I am present among those people who have performed exceptionally well to raise the name of Pakistan to new heights and they deserve all the respect and appreciation.

We are passing through an era where quality and innovation have gained the utmost importance in business. Therefore, we should appreciate all those who are making progress and performing better. And today they are the people who are celebrating their success and performance. I am of the firm opinion that "Brands of the Year Award" have contributed a lot in presenting a better image of Pakistan. Its organizer body, Brands Foundation is an emerging and recognized NGO and has also been honored by UN agency WIPO as "Accredited Permanent Observer Status". Therefore its leadership and management deserve all the applause.

Now the question arises which countries are progressing and marching forward on the development front and who are are the runners up? And what are those characteristics which are helping these countries in their immense progress. As an student of economics history, I glean three most important aspects in their strategies to move forward and I am glad to say that all three aspects directly or indirectly relates to the today's ceremony.

The first and the foremost is the Human Resource development. Those countries which have paid good attention to the skill and training and development of their people, they have progressed noticeably. It is clear that if people are underdeveloped a country cannot progress. Rightly so, the today's heroes are those workers and managers who are making collaborative efforts for the development and prosperity of their nations.

Second important aspect is that only those countries are on the highway of development that have succeeded in economies of scale in the manufacturing of better products and also have been able to export such products to other countries. In the today's world no country can progress without progress in exports and creating a positive trade balance. Those who have been honored with "Brands of the Year Award" today, many of them are producing products of international quality and have succeeded in exporting their products.

And the third important aspect is that no country can progress unless it has provided its private sector business entities better opportunities to business with the rest of the world. Today's ceremony is the recognition and appreciation of private sector role in the economy. In a nutshell, development of private sector, human resource development and ability to manufacture and export better products are those outshining factors which have lead the progress of certain countries and within our lives we have seen these countries have changed the fate of their people. And today, we are celebrating the result of the same traits.

Last but not the least, Pakistan is a most gifted country of Allah, it is gifted with good human resource, good natural resources and good organizations to lead to the highway of progress and we all should be grateful to Almighty Allah for all such blessings. We are blessed with the opportunities and capabilities and the forthcoming years would prove the potential of this great homeland.

Thank you very much.