Brands of the Year Award 2015-16 News Corner

Date: 2nd January, 2017

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Karachi (PR) While addressing the august gathering at the Awards Distribution Ceremony of Brand of the Year Award 2015 – 2016 held at Karachi on 2 January 2017, Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani said that, ‘Just as the Muslim scientists always led the world in the field of scientific inventions and innovations similarly Pakistani traders and industrialists need to develop expertise in the field of branding to come to par in the global economic competition’. Besides, Senator Raza Rabbani, CEO of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) Mr. S M Munir, IG Sindh Police A. D. Khawaja, newly elected President of FPCCI Mr. Zubair Tufail, President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mr. Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Chairman (ABAD) Mr. Mohsin Sheikhani, President IPA Pakistan Mr. Tarik Feroz, renowned industrialist Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, Nawab of Junagarh Muhammed Jahangir Khanji, Chairman NDF Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad and founder & CEO of Brands Foundation Mr. Shaikh Rashid Alam were also present at the annual award distribution ceremony. During his address, CEO TDAP Mr. S M Munir said that, Brand development is a tedious and time consuming task and has become a necessity, which if not enforced will result in loss of market share of Pakistani industrialists and traders. He announced that TDAP will establish a specialized independent committee for Brand Development Advisory.

The committee will comprise of CEO Brands Foundation Mr. Shaikh Rashid Alam and R& D experts from FPCCI. Committee will formulate a comprehensive plan while considering the advances in the field of branding and will propose way forward. Mr. Tufail stated that he had been a part of the Brands of the year award since its inception and can proudly say that these awards are the pioneers in terms of popularity and acknowledgement as far as any awards in Pakistani business community are concerned. Mr. Firpo stated that, Winning brand awards is undoubtedly a significant achievement for any business organization and every year the special focus is placed on transparency and authenticity of awards.

Dr. Baig said while addressing the audience that he is proud to be a part of the brands of the year award every year and is a firsthand witness of the fact that Brand Foundation is excelling in every profession in regards to its work and standard, achieving new milestones every now and then, and the credit for these successes goes to the organization’s young visionary leadership of Mr. Shaikh Rashid Alam and his entire team. During his welcome note, Founder and CEO Brands Foundation, Mr. Alam, said that this year the award has been distributed in different categories, to those national and international organizations who have come to par to the expectations of consumers and experts alike. The winners of Brands of the Year Award 2015-16 were 150 brands, where as we received nominations from 1,550 organizations from 23 different cities of Pakistan. He continued his speech and demanded that the Government of Pakistan according to the Public Private Partnerships, should start the work on Brand Development in the Ministry of Commerce on a war footing basis, and every concerned government organization should be lined up for this initiative, so that the Prime Minister’s vision of 2025 can come to being for Pakistan.

Media Manager,
Brands Foundation
January 02 2017