Advertising Agency of the Year Award

This award honors the accredited advertising agency which has designed the most popular and effective advertising campaign of their client, advertised through outdoor print & electronic media. Its evaluation will also include the story board, concept, contents and jingle.


Authorization to use the most acclaimed logo "AD Agency Brands of the Year Award" in all the promotional material, packaging and marketing campaigns.

Prestigious winning trophy of "AD Agency Brands of the Year Award" by the Chief Guest.

Exclusive certificate of achievement with the name and logo of the winning brand.

Gala Dinner invitation of the Award Distribution Ceremony for two persons.

Branding and color advertisement in the post event book "The most Acclaimed Brands of Pakistan".

Winner brand name, logo and category announcement along with survey rating results in the well-conceived pre event report.

Individual brand research and demographic analysis report to be published in the book of "The most Acclaimed Brands of Pakistan" widely circulated nationwide and internationally free of cost.

Still Picture while receiving the award and video coverage of the Award Distribution Ceremony.

Branding mileage through nationwide media coverage and special newspaper supplement of the event.