The Exhibitors PVT. LTD

In the year 2004, with the perception of endowing a distinctive corporate and communal image of Pakistan, the precursor entities of The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd, came into existence. The Exhibitors is a private limited company, having some sister concerns companies. "BRANDS FOUNDATION, NATIONAL HERO FOUNDATION, BRANDS INDEX, BRANDS SECURITY SERVICES and SUPER BRANDS PAKISTAN" are the sister concerns, which works under the umbrella of The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd. Further most, The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd is a sole intellectual property owner of more than 28 different innovative and distinctive, trademarks and copyrights. All these companies and project combined together and make an umbrella named as The Exhibitors Group of Companies, under which they all work on different motives and field of life.

The major disparity between us and others is our thirst for imagination and innovation leading us to infinite search of excellence. Our aim has always been not only to explore all the unexplored cloaked compasses of business, but also to play a vital role in the larger interest of nation and to deliver our best for national interest. That's why a part from business development and promotional activities, the founding fathers of, The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd, is the major sponsor of Brands Foundation and National Hero Foundation.The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd is not only the donor of the non-governmental organizations like Brand Foundation & National Hero Foundation, but also the sponsor of all the activities of both the NGO's.

Every evolved concept of The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd reached at the highest level and attains a distinctive integrity and is placing us ahead of others and renewing our sense to be different. The sturdy conviction of performing a compelling role in both corporate activeness and in uplifting and accelerating a blooming image of a fast developing Pakistan, beget the image of The Exhibitors Group as a responsible Pakistani business group. This journey of ingenious concepts and ideas is a never ending pursuit. Behold and see that our business and social endeavor will cast a profound impact on the national scene.

"The distance between insanity and genius is measured on success"

Brands Foundation

Brands Foundation is a pursuit of excellence to activate the concept of branding as a strategy towards building the business ethos of Pakistan. Brands foundation is an independent and authoritative business organization established as a Not-For-Profit public company under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984. Brands Foundation is one and only organization of Pakistan, having the most precious title of accredited permanent observer at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). WIPO is one of the specialized agencies of UNITED NATIONS. Not only this, Brands Foundation is also an exclusive member of EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). With the mission of promoting brand culture and creating intellectual capital of Pakistan, we are focused on bringing global best practices, expertise, resources and to invest in sustainable development to uplift the corporate image and distinctive brand identity of Pakistan. Brands Foundation is the only organization in its area of services having the legal mandate to conduct brand competition, brands audit, brands rating, IP & quality survey of local, regional and multinational brands operating in Pakistan.

Brands Foundation & The Exhibitors PVT. LTD.

The idea of Brands Foundation is basically originated under the flag of The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd. The enormous activity of Brands of the Year Award is under the sole proprietorship of the Exhibitors Pvt Ltd. The Exhibitor Pvt Ltd is the initiator of Brand of the Year Award. Brands of the Year Award was initiated in the private sector by The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd. After the establishment of Brands Foundation, an agreement was signed in between The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd and Brands Foundation. In the agreement The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd was declared as an authorized event manager of the enormous activity of Brand of the Year Award. Prior to receive license of Brands Foundation in the year 2010, The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd was the sole intellectual property owner, event manager and organizer of Brands of the Year Award, but after 2010 the status of the organizer, researcher and analyst were transferred to the Brands Foundation while The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd, became the authorized intellectual property owner for the marketing and event management of BOYA.

Brands of the Year Award

Brands of the Year Award is a distinctive recognition for a brand recognized as champion in its industry category based on current year marketing standing. Its evaluation process is comprised on a nationwide quantitative qualified consumer survey, expert analysis and attributes based qualitative brand research. The Exhibitors Pvt Ltd was the principal event manager and the sole intellectual property owner of the gigantic activity of "BRANDS OF THE YEAR AWARD". In 2010, Brands Foundation got its mandate and since then, it has been the sole organizer of the gigantic activity of Brands of the Year Awards.

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